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Project Ocean Vision - Marine Conservation Video


Project Ocean Vision
Project Ocean Vision - Clownfish

Project Ocean Vision's mission is to raise awareness of the marine environment and promote interest and better understanding through short, entertaining, marine conservation videos, bringing moving images and colour into peoples' homes. Our aim is to illustrate the beauty and diversity in our oceans, the dangers of human interaction and some of the consequences of human activity.

Project Ocean Vision was launched by Courtney & Carol in 2006 and is independent, operating within its own ethical and ecological guidelines (below). We do all our own research, planning, logistics, filming, production and music with our band Elysium Strand, ensuring that we own all the rights to our products. We undertake a number of expeditions each year to conduct filming and marine conservation work. The remainder of the year is spent editing and producing the videos. Click this link for our Expedition Ocean Vision 5 Diary.

Project Ocean Vision
Project Ocean Vision - Courtney filming for a marine conservation video. Photo by Carol 2007

Project Ocean Vision
Project Ocean Vision: Turtle from one of our marine
conservation videos. Photo by Courtney 2005
Project Ocean Vision
Project Ocean Vision: Manta from our marine conservation
video about Thailand. Photo by Courtney 2009


  • Mission. To raise public awareness of conservation issues, particularly marine conservtion issues, mainly through making entertaining marine conservation videos.

  • Resources. Project Ocean Vision recognizes that the oceans are important economic and recreational resources that must be accessible to those that need or desire to utilise them in a sustainable and ecologically responsible way.

  • Engagement. Project Ocean Vision will engage with any moderate, responsible individuals or organisations that share our goals for mutual benefit. Project Ocean Vision never aim to compete with like-minded organisations and actively seek opportunities for collaboration and the promotion and support of our fellow conservationists.

  • Access. Project Ocean Vision's products, including our marine conservation videos, will be accessible and, in certain cases, freely distributable to maximise our target audience.

  • Impact. Project Ocean Vision's activities will have minimum negative impact on the environment we seek to conserve.

  • Integrity. Project Ocean Vision shall act with integrity and openness.


Project Ocean Vision
Carol Courtnage  Paul Courtnage  Carol Courtnage  Paul Courtnage Paul Courtnage and Carol Courtnage - Project Ocean Vision
project ocean vision


Ecology has become a household word only in recent times and the subject provokes a range of responses. Project Ocean Vision believe that understanding and managing the World's ecology is of vital importance and strive to inform in an entertaining way; we are not "eco-warriors" and we see a gentler approach being better received by a wider audience and we produce our marine conservation videos with this in mind.

We fully recognise the complexity of the issues surrounding marine conservation. Project Ocean Vision's purpose is to demonstrate that the protection of the World's ecology and global biodiversity is a responsibility that we all share, not simply a distant issue. However, choosing how we act is a decision that each one of us must make and, so, we aim to use our marine conservation videos to inform so that individuals are better placed to make their own choices.

In undertaking our mission as Project Ocean Vision, we are always keen to engage with broadcast companies, educational institutions, museums, conservation organisations, local and national governments and ecologically responsible travel and tourism companies that may have an interest in our marine conservation videos. We also undertake promotional work for responsible, small and medium enterprises and produce local news and information items.

The Project Ocean Vision Team's shared experience includes three award-winning marine research expeditions (Ascension Island and The Similan Islands), dive guiding in the Red Sea, studying Natural Sciences with the Open University, the production of a number of successful marine conservation videos and involvement in a range of outdoor events - see our individual pages Courtney (Paul Courtnage) and Carol Courtnage.

Paul Courtnage

Paul Courtnage
Paul Courtnage, Project Ocean Vision - Marine Conservation Video
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Carol Courtnage

Carol Courtnage
Carol Courtnage, Project Ocean Vision - Marine Conservation Video
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