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Chapter 00: Introduction 

Forward and Introduction.

Chapter 01: Early Days 

Late 50s-1965 Singapore.

Chapter 02: The Learning Years 

1965-1976 Londonderry to Peter Symonds
School, Winchester.

Chapter 03: An Officer & a Gentleman 

1977 Joining the RAF at RAF Henlow.

Chapter 04: A Flumine Impugnamus 

1977-8 Pilot Training at RAF Linton-on-Ouse
1978 Advanced Flying Training, RAF Valley
1979 Tactical Weapons Unit, RAF Brawdy.

Chapter 05: The Phantom 

1980 McDonnell Douglas Phantom Operational
Conversion Unit, RAF Conningsby.

Chapter 06: Growing Pains 

1980-1983 29 Squadron, RAF Conningsby.

Chapter 07: The Fighting Cocks 

1983-1985 43 Squadron, RAF Leuchars.

Chapter 08: North Devon Flying Club 

1985-1988 63 Squadron, RAF Chivenor.

Chapter 09: The NSM 

1988-1991 95th TFTS, Tyndall Air Force Base,
Panama City, Florida. The F-15 Eagle.

Chapter 10: Tornado 

1991-1993 Tornado F3 OCU and 43 Squadron,
RAF Leuchars.

Chapter 11: I Wish I'd Known 

1993-1997 The Air Warfare Centre, RAF
Waddington, RAF Mount Pleasant, The
Falkland Islands.

Chapter 12: Moving On 

1997-2006 DRA Farnborough, RAF Bentley
Priory, RAF High Wycombe, millennium, 911, Afghanistan, Iraq War II.

Chapter 13: A Change of Life 

2006-2008 RAF High Wycombe, Leaving the
RAF and moving to The Open University.

Chapter 14: A Right Old Mess 

2009-2010 Project Ocean Vision, The Global
Recession, Haddon-Cave and the Gulf of Mexico
Oil Spill.

Chapter 15: Calmer Waters 

2010: More on Project Ocean Vision and our family. November and December 2010: Carol & Courtney's grand trip to Australia, Sophie's wedding, the Great Barrier Reef and Daintree.

Chapter 16: Highs and Lows 

2011: Cyclone Yasi, Arab Rebellion, earthquakes, Laurence Grant graduates from Sandhurst, weddings, Ospreys at Rutland and Expedition Ocean Vision 5 to Malta.

Chapter 17: La République 

'Sat' or 'Sitting', Queen's Diamond Jubilee, Future of the Armed Forces, Moving to France.


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AAR - Air-to-air Refuelling (06)

AAR - Air-to-air Refuelling, F3 from KC-135 (10)

Advanced Flying Training, RAF (04)

Afghanistan 2001 (12)

AIM7 Sparrow (AAM) (05)

AIM9 Sidewinder (AAM) (05)

Airborne Early Warning (05)

Air Malta (16)

Alaska, Exxon Valdez Oil Disaster (14)

Alex and Adrian Murdock's Wedding (16)

Al Qa'ida Terror Attack "911" (12)

Antoine Dufour and Tommy Gauthier (13)

Apollo Programme (02)

Ascension Island (Falklands War) (06)

Ascension Island, Expedition Benthic Monitor (12)

Australia 2010, Expedition Ocean Vision 4 (15)

Avro Shackleton, Airborne Early Warning (05)

Avro Shackleton Mark 3 (01)

Avro Vulcan (05)

AWC (Air Warfare Centre), RAF Waddington (11)

AWG11/12 Radar (05)

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Bangkok, Expedition Ocean Vision 2, including video (13)

Barak Obama (14)

Basic Flying Training, RAF (04)

Bear, Tupolev 95 (06)

Benthic Monitor - Expedition 2004 (12)

Benthic Orchid 1 - Expedition 2006 (12)

Benthic Orchid 2 - Expedition 2007 (13)

Beirut, Operation Pulsator (07)

Berlin Wall (10)

Bhopal Chemical Disaster (14)

Black Buck - Vulcan Raids on Stanley, 1982 (06)

Blackheart (13)

Board of Inquiry, Kandahar (13)

Bosnia (10)

Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy - BSE (09)

BP Oil Disaster (14)

BP Plc (14)

Bristol Britannia (01)

Britain's Commitment to Afghanistan 2010 (comments) (14)

Britain's Decimal Currency (01)

British Aerospace Hawk T1 (04)

British Aerospace Hawk T1a (04)

British Aerospace Tornado F3 (10)

British Eagle Airline (01)

Bronze Whaler Shark (15)

Burton, Phil (01)

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C130, Hercules (04)

Captain Blackheart (13)

Carol & Courtney's Wedding (13)

Carol Kitson (13)


Charlie the Unicorn (14)

Changi, RAF (01)

Chernobyl, nuclear disaster, 1986 (08)

Chinese New Year (01)

Coeur de Noirs (13)

Combat Ready (06)

Concorde - a legend retires (12)


Coningsby, Lincolnshire (05)

Courtnage, Julia (01)

Courtnage, Sandra (01)

Courtnage, Sophie and Matt Geraghty's Wedding (15)

Courtney & Carol's Wedding (13)

Courtney's Kuwait Adventure (10)

Credit Crunch (14)

Crick, Francis (01)

CTTO - Central Tactics and Trials Organization (11)

Cuban Missile Crisis (01)

Cyclone Yasi - Australia 2011 (16)

Cyprus (06)

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Daintree Rainforest (15)

Decimal Currency (01)

Deepwater Horizon Oil Disaster (14)

DERA (12)

Diamond Jubilee - Queen Elizabeth II (17)

Diana, Princess of Wales (11)

Dining In (06)

DNA, discovery of structure (01)

Do not stand at my grave and weep (09)

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Eagle F-15 (09)

Earthquake - see also Magnitude Scale (16)

Edwin E Aldrin (02)

Egypt, Expedition Ocean Vision 1 (13)

Egypt, Expedition Ocean Vision 3 (14)

Elysium Strand (13)

Eurofighter Typhoon (11)

Expedition Benthic Monitor (12)

Expedition Benthic Orchid 1 (12)

Expedition Benthic Orchid 2 (13)

Expedition Ocean Vision 1 (13)

Expedition Ocean Vision 2 (13)

Expedition Ocean Vision 3 (14)

Expedition Ocean Vision 4 (15)

Expedition Ocean Vision 5 (16)

Expedition Ocean Vision 6 (17)

Expedition Ocean Vision 6 (POV Website)

Expedition Ocean Vision 7 (POV Website)

Expedition Ocean Vision 8 (POV Website)

Exxon Valdez Oil Disaster (14)

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F-104 Starfighter (06)

F15 Eagle (09)

F-4 Phantom (05)

Falkland Islands (Falklands War) (06)

Falklands, 1997 (11)

Farnborough (12)

Fighting Cocks (43 Squadron) (07)

Fighting Cocktail (07)

Flag, The. German Navy drinking song (06)

Flying Training, Basic, RAF (04)

Four Hands Guitar (video) (13)

Foxhunter Radar (10)

Francis Crick (01)

Frontline First - 1994 Defence Cost Study (10)

Fruit Bat (01)

Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant (16)

Fylingdales (10)

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Gatcombe Park 2011 (16)

Gemini Programme (02)

Georgie and George Grant's Wedding (16)

Geraghty, Matt and Sophie Courtnage's Wedding (15)

Gioia del Colle, Italy (10)

Global Recession (14)

Gozo (16)

Grantown-on-Spey (04)

Great Barrier Reef (15)

Group Captain Kenneth Courtnage (13)

Gulf of Mexico, ecology (14)

Gulf of Mexico Oil Disaster (14)

Gulf War 1991 (10)

Gulf War 2003 (12)

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Haddon-Cave enquiry (14)

Halliburton (14)

Hawk T1 (04)

Hawk T1a (04)

Hawk T1a, 2 TWU, Chivenor (08)

Hayward, Tony (14)

Henlow, RAF (03)

Hercules, C-130 (04)

High Flight, John Gillespie Magee Jr (04)

Hiroshima, 50 Years On (11)

History of Medicine (10)

HMS Manchester - 1942 (16)

HMS Sea Eagle (Londonderry) (02)

Hong Kong, handover to China (11)

Hoover Dam (09)

HQ 11 Group, RAF High Wycombe (12)

Hushabye Mountain, David Gilmour (14)

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Il-Mithna Restaurant (16)

Instrument Rating Examiner (IRE) (07)

Intercepts (05)

Iraq War 1991 (10)

Iraq War 2003 (12)

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James Watson (01)

Jeanne Kitson (13)

Japanese Earthquake 2011 (16)

Jet Provost Mk3 (04)

JFK (01)

JOUST (12)

Julia Courtnage (01)

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Kandahar, Board of Inquiry (13)

Kebab (07)

Kenneth Courtnage (13)

Kinloss, RAF (01)

Knoydart (04)

Kuwait (10)

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Laurence Grant's Commissioning Parade, Sandhurst (16)

Lee Kuan Yew (01)

Less or Fewer (17)

Lincoln, Lincs, UK (05)

Linton-on-Ouse, RAF (04)

Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwyll-llantysiliogogogoch (04)

Lockeed Hercules, C-130 (04)

Londonderry (02)

Low Pass - F4 in Ascension (06)

Lyneham, RAF (04)

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Magnitude Scale (16)

Malta (16)

Manby (01)

Marsascala (16)

Masirah (11)

Matt and Sophie's engagement (15)

Matt and Sophie's Wedding (15)

Maurice Wilkins (01)

McDill AFB (12)

McDonnell Douglas F15 Eagle (09)

McDonnell Douglas F4 Phantom (05)

Mdina (16)

Medicine (10)

Mercury Programme (02)

Mini - can it drive up steps? (07)

Mithna (Il-Mithna) Restaurant (16)

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Nellis AFB (11)

Never Join Anything (13)

New York Terror Attack "911" (12)

New Zealand Earthquake, 2011 (16)

Nimrod Airborne Early Warning ("Nimwacs") (05)

Nuclear disaster, Chernobyl (08)

Nuclear Powered Bomber, Tupolev 119 (06)

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Obama (14)

OCTU: Officer Cadet Training Unit (03)

Open University (13)

Operation Deny Flight (10)

Operation Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan) (12)

Operation Pulsator (Beirut) (07)

Osama bin Laden Killing (16)

Ospreys 2010, Rutland Water (15)

Ospreys 2011, Rutland Water (16)

Ospreys Webcam at Rutland Water (16)

Options for Change - 1990 Defence restructuring (10)

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P&SS Gioia del Colle Investigation (11)

Pangkor (01)

Peter Symonds School, Winchester (02)

Phantom, F4 (05)

Phantom Crash, 5th March 1980 (05)

Phil Burton (01)

Phil Irish (PI) (09)

Phoenix Park (01)

Pig (Operation Pink Rabbit) (06)

Plate Tectonics (16)

Port Douglas (Australia) (15)

Portuguese-Man-o'-War (01)

Prague 2011 (16)

Prince William and Kate Middleton's Wedding (16)

Pripyat, Ukraine (08)

Project Ocean Vision (13)

Python (01)

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QRA - Quick Reaction Alert (06)

QRA - Quick Reaction Alert (07)

Queen Elizabeth II, Diamond Jubilee, 2012 (17)

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R5/04, Rutland Osprey (16)

Radar (05)

Radar Equation (09)

RAF Advanced Flying Training (04)

RAF Akrotiri (06)

RAF Basic Flying Training (04)

RAF Bentley Priory (12)

RAF Changi (01)

RAF Chivenor (08)

RAF Coningsby (05)

RAF Cottesmore (13)

RAF Henlow (03)

RAF High Wycombe (12)

RAF Kinloss (01)

RAF Leuchars (07)

RAF Linton-on-Ouse (04)

RAF Lyneham (04)

RAF Mount Pleasant (11)

RAF Museum, Hendon (16)

RAF Stanley (Falklands) (06)

RAF Waddington (11)

Raffles, Sir Stamford (01)

Rangatira (06)

RBMK-1000 reactor (08)

Red Flag, Nellis AFB (11)

Red Sea, Expedition Ocean Vision 1 (13)

Red Sea, Expedition Ocean Vision 3 (14)

Redundancy (13)

Recession (14)

Rico Gonzales (15)

Richter Scale (16)

Riots in England, August 2011 (16)

Rocks (The) (15)

Roman Numerals (12)

Russian Bear, Tupolev 95 (06)

Rutland Water's Ospreys 2010 (15)

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Sadam Hussein (10)

Samuel Smiths (Brewery) (04)

Sandra Courtnage (01)

Sat or Sitting (17)

Scotch Whisky (10)

Shackleton Airborne Early Warning (05)

Sharm el Sheikh, Expedition Ocean Vision 1 (13)

Sharm el Sheikh, Expedition Ocean Vision 3 (14)

Sharm el Sheikh, Shark Attacks 2010 (15)

Sidewinder (AAM) (05)

Silkie Video - April 2011 (16)

Similand Islands, Expedition Benthic Orchid 1 (12)

Singapore (01)

Skyflash (AAM) (05)

Sophie and Matt's engagement (15)

Sophie and Matt off to Australia (13)

Sophie and Matt's Wedding (15)

South Atlantic (06)

Sovereigns Parade, RMA Sandhurst 2011 (16)

Space Race (02)

Sparrow III, AIM7E (AAM) (05)

Stamford Raffles (Sir) (01)

Starfighter, F-104 (06)

Strike Command (12)

Sydney, New South Wales (15)

Syrian Civil War 2011-2012 (17)

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Tac Check (06)

Tactical Weapons Unit, RAF Brawdy (04)

Tampa, Florida (12)

Taronga Zoo (15)

Tectonic Plates (16)

TEV Rangatira (06)

Thailand, Expedition Benthic Orchid 1 (12)

Thailand, Expedition Benthic Orchid 2 (13)

Thaipusam (01)

Tiananmen Square (09)

The Flag. German Navy drinking song (06)

The Open University (13)

The Rocks, Sydney (15)

Thousand Hours F4 (07)

Tommy Gauthier and Antoine Dufour (13)

Tony Hayward (14)

Tornado F3 (10)

Tornado OCU (229 / 65(R) Sqn) (10)

Transocean (14)

Troubles in Northern Ireland (02)

Tsunami (16)

Tupolev 95, Bear (06)

Tupolev 119, Nuclear Powered Bomber (06)

Tyndall Air Force Base (09)

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United Kingdom Air Defence Region - UKADR (05)

Ukraine, Chernobyl nuclear disaster, 1986 (08)

Union Carbide, the Bhopal Chemical Disaster (14)

USAF Exchange, Tyndall AFB (09)

Usama bin Laden Killing (16)

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Valletta (16)

Victor Tanker (06)

Vox Clamantis in Deserto (00)

Vulcan Bomber (05)

Vulcan Cannon (05)

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Walker, William (02)

Watson, James (01)

Weapons (F4 air-to-air weapons) (05)

Webcam, Rutland Water Ospreys (16)

Wedding, Carol & Courtney's (13)

Whisky (10)

White Water Snorkelling (04)

Wideawake Airfield (Ascension Island) (06)

Wilkins, Maurice (01)

William Walker (02)

Winchester, Hamphire(02)

Wolves (11)

World Trade Centre Terror Attack "911" (12)

Wyke Lodge Boarding House (2)

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XV424 - Phantom FGR2 (16)

XV436 - Phantom FGR2 crash at RAF Coningsby(05)

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York (04)

Yorkshire Airlines (video) (15)

Yugoslavia (10)

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ZE887- Tornado F3 (16)


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